Podcast „Kobieta i argumenty”

The interview will be published in the form of an online podcast on www.kobietaiargumenty.pl 

The goal of the podcast is to inspire women to turn their dreams into goals and to pursue those goals. Negotiation skills are essential in achieving goals, unfortunately, many Polish women believe that they cannot do it, or that they do it wrong. The aim is to change that belief.

The interview concerns the stories of negotiations that you conducted. It is addressed to Polish women aged 25 – 100, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

If you have a project that you would like to promote, we have the first question reserved for that purpose. In the end, I will also ask you to point where the audience could look you up. Please keep in mind our entrepreneurial-professional community, so think about what you could share with them to add value and to embrace the positive change in them. 

After editing, the program will last 25-45 minutes, which means that our conversation could take up over 45 minutes.

Interview Questions:


Headphones are required when recording a podcast. Without them sound editing ​becomes impossible.

I will need          

► Your BIO,            

► Your photos,          

► Your consent,        

by e-mail or messenger. A few words about you, so that I can introduce you in a short recording before our conversation, the photos you want me to use to describe and promote the interview and consent not to be killed by PUODO, i.e. the personal data protection office.

We have the GDPR and the Copyright Act. This means that in order to take part in the broadcast, we must have settled the issue of your consent to publish our conversation and your photos.

You can always withdraw your consent and then I will remove our conversation from the website www.kobietaiargumenty.pl and promotional materials from social media. Woman and arguments.

Print the downloaded text, sign it, take a photo or scan it and upload it to Google Drive.

Download the consent text

And here you will also find information about technical matters, which will come in handy if we made an appointment for an interview via the Internet.


We meet via Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or another Messenger. Before recording, I will send you a link to the meeting room. I will record a video of our conversation and fragments (not all!) We will publish on social media promoting the episode.

We record with Audacity, which is free (unless Apple charges a fee if you want to download it from the Apple store) and downloadable from the link below, each of us on your computer.

What do you need?

  1. Microphone (the better the better)
  2. Headphones (put on headphones for better recording quality. This is a very important point, even if your speakers are of high quality, wearing headphones while talking will allow us to record better quality sound. The editor will be extremely grateful!)
  3. Audio recording program: Audacity, installed on your computer.
  4. A webcam, but only so that we can see each other
    Quiet room (we don’t want to have too many ambient sounds in the recording)

Step by step

Before recording

1. Plug in the microphone and put on the headphones.

2. Download, install and run Audacity

3. Make sure that the correct microphone is selected, i.e. the one you connect for recording.

4. Change the recording to mono (if stereo is selected).

5. Click Record (red dot button) and say a few words (e.g. Hello here [your name], getting ready to record a podcast and testing the sound.. :).

6. Stop recording and play back what you recorded. Check that you can be heard clearly, there are no loud noises or crackles in the background.

7. Export the file to WAV (instructions below).

8. Open the exported file and check if what you said is recorded correctly.


1. Open your browser and go to the link I sent you – from now on we will hear you.

2. Delete the test recording from Audacity (if you still have one) and start recording.

3. We start with a conversation!

After the conversation

1. Export your recording to a WAV  (File -> Export -> Export as WAV)).

2. [optional] Pack it up (the final file will be ~ 50-70% of the original size).

3. Send me a file via WeTreansfer, Google Drive, OneDrive, or how else are you comfortable. My e-mail address: jakubowska@panikb.eu .

4. Send me your bio (a short note about yourself) so that I can announce you and photos to promote the podcast on social media with your consent. You will find the consent on the next page.

5. Advise who to interview to further encourage my audience to negotiate boldly and achieve goals? Can you contact me with this person?

Share the podcast on your network of contacts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

You are the ambassador of our joint episode.

Help me reach out to other people who could benefit from this interview. Let your network know about the podcast episode with you!

Use @kobietaiargumenty and / or the link to the podcast episode.

Share the podcast on your LinkedIn network

Find your interview at https://kobietaiargumenty.pl/audycja/ and click on it.

Copy the URL of your interview (select the website address and press ctrl + c on your keyboard)

Go to your profile on linked In.

Go down a bit.

The third module (frame) in Linked In is RECOMMENDED. There is + in the upper right corner of the frame.

Click +.

Click Links.

Paste the url of your interview: ctrl + v

Add a title. It may be ours, the one I gave for the interview with you. Add description. You can copy from our pages and you can write your own.

Click Save.

Et voila! You just published and posted our interview on your own! Congratulations

Publication schedule

And that's it! 🙂